Where to Find the Best Sushi in Seattle

Which is the best sushi spot in Seattle? The locals will most probably bounce back at you, asking: is this even a question? The best sushi place in Seattle is … From this point on, the answers will differ greatly. Why? Not only is Seattle home to loads of sushi restaurants, but not two of them are the same. The most difficult part is not finding where you grab some sushi here, but shortlisting the places and picking one. If this makes your life a tad easier, we’ve compiled a list of carefully selected heart-picks:

Kisaku Seattle

Kisaku Reviews

Address:  2101 N 55th St, Ste 100, Seattle

If you are a fan of Japanese cuisine, this Tangletown restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy dishes like yakisoba, yakiniku or tempura in an unpretentious, warm and easy-going atmosphere. Kisaku Seattle is a neighborhood restaurant with tranquil setting and tasty food at reasonable prices. All this makes it our favorite sushi place in Seattle.

Kisaku’s owner, Ryuichi Nakano is also the chef who conceived the signature dishes. He has been working in the industry since 1992, and perfected his chef skills at I Love Sushi before opening his own restaurant.

The Green Lake Roll is a must-try here. You will apreciate the combination of salmon, flying fish eggs, avocado, asparagus, and marinated seaweed. There are also several signature special sushi dishes.

Pro tip: if you want to enjoy lower prices, go to Kisaku Seattle for lunch as dinner prices tend to be a bit steeper.


Mashiko Mashiko Reviews

Address:  4725 California Ave SW, Seattle

Many Seattleites would declare this small and cozy West Seattle restaurant as the best sushi joint in town. It might very well be, especially if you are into creative dishes and appreciate new ground-breaking combinations.

One thing is sure, at Mashiko, you are in for a totally different sushi experience. It’s the only sustainable sushi in Seattle. It’s delicious and fresh. Ingredients are of the highest quality.

They have a very interesting assortment of sushi dishes, all conceived by chef and owner Hajime Sato. Being the sustainable sushi place that it is, you won’t find any bluefin tuna or unagi on Mashiko’s menu. Instead, you will have the opportunity to taste some delicious catfish, sardines and ikura — a in-house cured salmon roe.

Sushi Kashiba

Sushi Kashiba Sushi Kashiba Reviews

Address:  86 Pine Street, Suite 1, Seattle

Located near Pike Public Market, this sushi bar is another old times favorite. The team made up of the famous Chef Shiro Kashiba and some of his disciples describe themselves as ‘a cheerful reunion of expert culinary minds and passion’. Although recently opened (November 2015), this Japanase restaurant has already gained a nice reputation and, if you don’t secure your places in time, you might have to wait in line at the door to get a seat.

The best way to sample their art is to put yourself in their hands and go for a omakase, which means a full multi-course dinner whose contents are decided by the chef himself. You will certainly not regret it.

Prices and menu vary depending on seasonal availability of ingredients.

Pro tip: get there some time before 5 PM, when this sushi place opens its doors to get a seat at the bar and be served by Shiro himself.

Sushi Kappo Tamura

Sushi Kappo Tamura Sushi Kappo Tamura Reviews

Address:  2968 Eastlake Avenue East, Seattle

Chef Taichi Kitamura’s Eastlake shushi place may be a bit of a splurge, but it is well worth every penny as you are bound to have an outstanding culinary experience. The venue of the restaurant has an elegant design. The atmosphere is nice, and the food very creative.

All dishes are expertly and artfully prepared according to the chef’s special recipe, and everything happens basically in front of your eyes as this is a a Kappo style restaurant with an open kitchen. While waiting for your food, take a peek at what the sushi chefs do in the kitchen. It’s an interesting show.

The menu changes daily because it’s based on local ingredients and depend on produces’ availability.


Nishino Reviews

Address:  3130 E Madison St, Ste 106, Seattle

Located in the vicinity of one of Seattle’s most beautiful parks – Arboretum, Nishino is the place to go for a gourmet sushi experience. An upscale Madison Park venue, Chef Tatsu Nishino’s restaurant has been delighting the Seattleites with traditional and innovative Japanese cuisine since 1995.

Dishes come nicely arranged and the plating style is exquisite, but they are rather small in size. However, this is compensated by the quality and taste. The place is famous for its omakase. If you decide to splurge on one, it is well worth as the taste and varieties are excellent.


ManekiManeki Reviews

Address:  304 6th Ave S, Seattle

This is not only one of the best sushi bars in Seattle, but also the oldest. It has been operating since 1904 and maintains its popularity even after a century, which is quite rare.

Grabbing some sushi rolls at the bar is a great lunch option. If you want to relax and enjoy some good time, there are also some tatami rooms available.