The Best Brunch Spots in Seattle

Seattle is one of the best places to explore a wide variety of culinary options. When you’re looking for a weekend brunch the morning after experiencing the vibrant nightlife of the city, then here are some of the best brunch spots that will satisfy your hunger.

1. Ba Bar

Ba Bar Reviews

The Asian influences in Seattle are undeniable. Once you try the authentic Vietnamese classic dishes that are available on the new brunch menu here, you’ll be unable to deny the desire to come back for more.

Think big flavors from fresh street-style food that is inspired by Saigon and you’ll get an idea of what to expect.

Don’t forget to try the Bánh cuốn, which is a rolled cake from Northern Vietnam, for a weekend brunch.

Serving starts at 9am.


2. Boat Street Kitchen

Boat Street Kitchen Reviews

This brunch spot has been a traditional local favorite on the waterfront for nearly 20 years. They’ve closed the little cafe, but you can still call or email them to have your favorite brunch items prepared for you or stop by and order it yourself.

You haven’t had bread pudding unless you’ve tried what comes out of this kitchen. As an added benefit, most of the items on the brunch menu are also gluten free. Brunch is available here from 10:30-2:30 on Saturday and Sunday only.


3. Burgundian

Burgundian Reviews

Wallingford is one of the few Seattle neighborhoods that doesn’t usually make any “Best Of” lists. Many Seattle visitors don’t even realize this neighborhood exists. Visiting this hot brunch spot will change all of that.

Brunch is served on the weekends from 10-4 and includes local favorites like chicken and waffles with sausage gravy, roasted beet salad, soft pretzels, and an incredible fennel beer mustard.

Come in for a late brunch and consider a local IPA or one of their many bourbon choices.



4. Capitol Cider

Capitol Cider Reviews

Just a few blocks north of the world famous Pike Place Market sits this laid-back brunch gem. You won’t want to miss having a cider mimosa, but make sure to pair it with their equally famous short-rib hash.

If you want a more traditional brunch, the banana bread french toast will have you ordering seconds. It’s also gluten-free, but you’d never realize it if all you were doing was tasting their food.

Brunch is served weekends 10-3 here.



5. Ernest Loves Agnes

Ernest Loves Agnes Reviews

Sometimes the traditional brunch is your best option. No place in Seattle does the traditional menu better than this cozy location. You’ll find just a dozen options on their menu, including a bowl of granola, but the Prosciutto Cotto Benedict will definitely wake you up in the morning.

Make sure to fully enjoy the jam that they make in-house in North Capitol Hill. Pair anything with crispy garlic potatoes for just $6 and you’ll be ready to explore everything else Seattle has to offer.




6. Lionhead

brunch at Lionhead Lionhead Reviews

A wok might be considered a humble tool of the kitchen for many, but you’ll find it can also work magical wonders with a 4 egg omelet at one of the best brunch spots in Seattle.

Conveniently located on Broadway, many of the brunch items are built on a Szechuan foundation.

Brunch is only served on Sundays 10-2, however, so plan ahead for a stop here. The Lamb Jiaozi is particularly satisfying with its cumin undertones and pickled long beans.


7. Miller’s Guild

brunch at Miller’s Guild Miller’s Guild Reviews

If you’re looking for more of a fine dining experience for brunch when you’re in Seattle, then you can’t beat the menu you’ll find available here every weekend.

First of all, there’s the bottomless mimosas. Then there’s the chicken and biscuits and a quiche-of-the-day.

This brunch spot is a steakhouse in the evening, so you’ll feel great giving into the temptation of a rib-cap steak. Brunch also kicks off early at 8am so you can explore Seattle all day long afterward and still feel full.




8. Porkchop and Company

brunch at Porkchop and Company Porkchop & Co Reviews

Very few of the best brunch spots in Seattle offer a mid-week opportunity, but you can enjoy a Wednesday-Friday brunch here from 8-2. Weekend brunch is also available 9-2 on Saturdays and 9-3 on Sundays at this Ballard spot.

Their most recent signature dish is a smoked beet breakfast bowl, but the brunch menu rotates because all of their ingredients are sources from farms in and around King County.

It’s located conveniently about halfway between the Ballard Locks and the Woodland Park Zoo.



9. Roux

brunch at Roux Roux Reviews

Just a handful of blocks north of the Fremont Troll sits a little brunch spot that gives you an authentic taste of New Orleans.

You won’t find a better shrimp and grits anywhere in Washington. Trust the chef on the scramble of the day or go with the fried green tomato Benedict with drilled cornbread.

For a taste of the Pacific Northwest with a Creole twist, consider the “Peacemaker,” which is an oyster Po Boy.

Brunch is served 9-2 on the weekends.


10. Agrodolce

Agrodolce Reviews

Also located in Fremont, you’ll find that the fried chicken and waffles is a local favorite, partially due to the bacon which comes from the Skagit River Ranch. The bottomless mimosas also help.

Yet if you want to try a unique flavor of the Pacific Northwest at one of the best brunch spots in Seattle, we highly recommend the lamb burger.

You can enjoy brunch here every weekend from 10-2:30.




11. Glo’s

brunch at glos seattle Glo’s Reviews

Two words: Eggs Benedict.

This Capitol Hill institution is insanely popular and only has a handful of tables, so even if you show up at midnight when the place opens on Fridays and Saturdays, there’s almost always a wait involved.

It’s also open until 4pm in case you’d rather have a later brunch.

If you’re visiting Seattle and want a local experience, this should be one of the first places you stop for a bite to eat.


12. Super Six

brunch at Super Six Super Six Reviews

It’s a bit of a drive to Columbia City to enjoy this Seattle brunch hotspot, but the kimchi scones will make the journey worthwhile.

The sausage hash and pineapple cornbread are also must-have items.

You’ve got plenty of cocktail options to pair with your favorite bacon dishes as well and don’t be afraid to ask for some local cheddar cheese.

It’s open every day at 8am, but the brunch menu is only available on the weekends 8-3.

We particularly love the Hawaiian quesadilla with jalapenos, ham, and pickled pineapple on a sunny day since you can eat outside at one of their picnic tables. It’s a great start to any weekend day in Seattle.

The best brunch spots in Seattle offer you the traditional dishes, sometimes with an international twist, and often with locally sourced ingredients and flavors.