Seattle’s Best Cheap Eats

Seattle has a reputation for having some great places to eat on the cheap. Grab a few bucks and you’ll be ready to enjoy these amazing finds.

mexican-foodTacos Chukis

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If you want Mexican street food in Seattle, then this is the place to go. You can grab tacos, burritos, or a side of cactus leaf with hole-in-the-wall prices that keep you coming back. It’s a little taqueria with a big heart.

Pike Place Chowder

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Seattle and seafood go hand in hand. After you’ve watched the fish throwing at the market, stop by this little place to grab some of the best chowder you’ve ever had in your life. Eight ounces of great chowder is under $7 or you can put it into their signature bread bowl for $12. Spend a little extra for the crab and oyster chowder – you’ll love it.

pizzaHot Mama’s Pizza

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This small pizzeria is the home to the only authentic New York pizza experience that Seattle has to offer. It’s open late for a snack or if you want a whole pie for dinner. Every slice is under $3. Splurge for the Greek pizza for a mind-blowing experience.

Man’oushe Express

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It’s a bit of a trip up to Lake City to enjoy this place, but as one of Seattle’s best cheap eats, it’s worth the drive. There are several great Middle Eastern offerings you’ll find on the menu, but you’ll never go wrong with their made-to-order mana’eesh.

british restaurantsThe Crumpet Shop

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Another favorite by Pike Place Market, you’ll find 40 years of passion behind the crumpets, scones, and teas that are offered. You can only purchase one 4-pack of crumpets at a time, so get The Ram with ricotta, almond butter, and marmalade for a flavor explosion that will have you stop by each day.

Rain City Burgers

If you think “burgers” and “Seattle,” you’ll likely think of Dick’s Drive-In. Yet at Rain City Burgers, you’ll still find a great burger for just $5. If you don’t mind spending a little more, get the 12th Man Burger, which is two patties, four slices of bacon, and American cheese for $9. Chicken and vegetarian options are available and you can order gluten-free buns as well.

bakeryPiroshky Piroshky

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Another Pike Place Market favorite is this small little bakery that will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2017. Offering traditional Russian recipes with a Seattle twist, you’ll find several sweet and savory options that will have you craving more. The apricot turnover is a local favorite, as is the bacon, egg, cheese, and hash brown piroshky.


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If you’re in the mood for a sandwich, then this is the best of what Seattle’s cheap eats has to offer for you. Located on First Avenue, you’ll be able to grab an authentic Caribbean sandwich for under $10 with grilled pork or marinated chicken. Or you can splurge for the Havana Seared Scallop sandwich for a little more that features a homemade garlic tapenade.

rice-noodlesDong Thap

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The rice noodles are made here fresh every day at this International District icon. The pho is rich, wider than you’re used to seeing, and delicate with nuanced flavors that seem straight out of Vietnam. If you can only get one thing, then grab the spicy beef rice noodle soup. You can also take their noodles home for less than $2 per pound.

Bang Bang Café

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If you want a Vegan burrito in Seattle, this is the place to go. You have multiple options instead of one or two with the full, rustic flavors of Mexico with their imported Hatch chilies. The menu changes depending on the season and there are bagels and wraps to enjoy if a burrito isn’t your thing.

chicken-wingsSuper Six

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Some cheap eats offer fusion confusion. This little place offers fusion genius. You’ll get hints of Chinese, Hawaiian, and Filipino flavors in many of their menu options. Get the Hawaiian chicken wings with char siu or the pork belly. You and your wallet will leave feeling satisified.

Bonus Cheap Eat: Jackson’s Catfish Corner

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Soul food here is done right. This establishment abruptly closed in the Summer of 2016, but are trying to crowdfund their way back so they can open their doors once again. If they’re open and you’re in Seattle, then you have to stop. It’s some of the best food you’ll ever eat in your life.

Seattle’s best cheap eats will let you be a foodie without needing to worry about your budget. Choose your favorite or choose them all. Either way, your taste buds are going to be happy.