Seattle Weather Information

What will the weather be like in Seattle during your stay? Which months of the year are the best for visiting Seattle? Some say that the image of rainy city was created by Seattleites who want to deter visitors from moving to their charming city. Learn the truth about Seattle’s weather!

In reality, Seattle’s annual rainfall is lower than New York’s, Miami’s and many other U.S. cities. Seattle has only 55 days of sun on an average each year, and receives 65% of its rainfall between November and March. This is why most tourists choose to visit the city in summer or spring, but the months of September and October are often very beautiful. During the Indian summer, the days are mild and the nights are cool. If you are in Seattle in winter, however, you can ski and discover many cultural events (symphony, opera, theater).

The Weather in Seattle Now

Seattle Weather Calendar

Feel free to use this monthly Seattle weather calendar as a guide to plan your vacation and pack your suitcase accordingly!

January February March April May June July August September October November December

Weather in Seattle in January

JanuaryRecord high: 46° F (January 20th 1981)

Record low: 36° F (January 31st 1950)

Average rainfall: 5.13 in

Average snowfall: 5 in

Average days of rain: 18

This is one of the rainiest months in Seattle with the possibility of snow.  Make sure you pack a warm coat, an umbrella and scarf. If the temperatures go down too much, or the rain is pouring, you can spend the day visiting a museum.

Weather in Seattle in February

FebruaryRecord high:70° F (February 27th 1968)

Record low: 1° F (February 1st 1950)

Average rainfall: 4.18 in

Average snowfall: 2 in

Average days of rain: 16

Provided you dress warmly, you will find plenty of things to do in Seattle, and there is no reason to postpone your visit. You can explore the city’s best shopping areas like Pioneer Square, you can visit the museums and experience Seattle like a local in one or several coffee shops. The Seattle Festival of Improvisational Theater is a great opportunity to escape from February’s cold temperatures.

Weather in Seattle in March

MarchRecord high: 75° F (March 31st 1987)

Record low: 43° F (March 4th 1955)

Average rainfall: 3.75 in

Average snowfall: 1 in

Average days of rain: 17

The wind can make Seattle weather seem much colder than it actually is. A warm coat is still a necessity in March. The average high for this month is fifty-three degrees with a low of thirty-nine degrees. A great annual event held in the city in March is the Moisture Festival – the world’s largest comedy festival. Head indoors for a great laugh, and enjoy your time in Seattle despite the windy weather.

Weather in Seattle in April

AprilRecord high: 85° F (April 30th 1976)

Record low: 43° F (April 5th 1975)

Average rainfall: 2.59 in

Average days of rain: 14

Winter is wrapping up and the weather is getting warmer. Most Seattle homes have turned off the heat by now. The average high is fifty-eight degrees with a low of forty-two degrees. The cherry trees blooming marks the official start of spring. April is a good month to visit Seattle if you want to experience the rebirth of nature in the Northwest Pacific area.

Weather in Seattle in May

MayRecord high: 93° F (May 21st 1963)

Record low: 28° F (May 1st 1954)

Average rainfall: 1.78 in

Average days of rain: 10

With an average high of sixty-four degrees with a low of forty-seven degrees Seattle weather in May allows a whole array of outdoors activities. You can catch a baseball game or a ride on one of Seattle’s ferries. The ferries will take you across the beautiful Puget Sound to the San Juan Islands. Pack a light jacket for your time on the water.

Weather in Seattle in June

JuneRecord high: 96° F (June 30th 1995)

Record low: 38° F (June 12th 1952)

Average rainfall: 1.49 in

Average days of rain: 9

What a perfect month to plan a visit to Seattle! The average high is seventy degrees with a low of fifty-two degrees. Soak up the atmosphere and watch passersby in Green Lake Park. Climb to the top of Sky View Observatory for a spectacular view of the whole city.

Weather in Seattle in July

JulyRecord high: 103° F (July 29th 2009)

Record low: 43° F (July 2nd 1954)

Average rainfall: 0.79 in

Average days of rain: 5

Seattle offers pleasant summers that never go off the charts with the heat. The average high is seventy-five degrees with a low of fifty degrees. Pack your hiking clothes if you want to get out into nature or a bathing suit for Alki Beach. Remember sunscreen and a water bottle to stay hydrated.

Weather in Seattle in August

AugustRecord high: 99° F (August 9th 1960)

Record low: 44° F (August 14th 1955)

Average rainfall: 1.02 in

Average days of rain: 6

The average high is seventy-six degrees with a low of fifty-six degrees. Remember great walking shoes to explore Kubota Garden and the Washington Park Arboretum. Make the trek to the top of the Space Needle to enjoy the view at this historic landmark.

Weather in Seattle in September

SeptemberRecord high: 98° F (September 2nd 1988)

Record low: 35° F (September 27th 1972)

Average rainfall: 1.63 in

Average days of rain: 9

The average high is seventy degrees with a low of fifty-two degrees. Before summer ends, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Lake Washington as it is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. In September, Seattle hosts the famous Bumbershoot music festival.

Weather in Seattle in October

OctoberRecord high: 89° F (October 1st 1987)

Record low: 28° F (October 19th 1949)

Average rainfall: 3.19 in

Average days of rain: 13

Pack active wear for exploring the beautiful fall colors of Seattle. The Earshot Jazz Festival takes place this month. You’ll need waterproof gear to enjoy the world famous outdoor performers. The average high is sixty degrees with a low of forty-six degrees.

Weather in Seattle in November

NovemberRecord high: 74° F (November 4th 1949)

Record low: 6° F (November 15th 1955)

Average rainfall: 5.90 in

Average days of rain: 18

The average high is fifty-one degrees with a low of forty degrees. The start of winter means great deals on hotels open up. When the weather starts to get colder, try a visit to one of the city’s interesting museum and art galleries like the Chihuly Museum and the Museum of Flight.

Weather in Seattle in December

DecemberRecord high: 64° F (December 10th 1993)

Record low: 6° F (December 30th 1968)

Average rainfall: 5.62 in

Average days of rain: 19

December brings the most snow to Seattle with the possibility of a traditional White Christmas. The average high is forty-six degrees with a low of thirty-six degrees. Seattle is surrounded by mountains (Cascade and Olympic Mountains are closest) that offer great skiing and snowboarding. Pack waterproof ski gear if you want to have a great trip full of outdoor adventure.