Best Steakhouses in Seattle

Steak might not seem like a way of life in Seattle with its location right on Puget Sound, but you can find many world-class steakhouses within the city. Whether you’re looking for something with live music and a laid-back atmosphere or you want a high end fine dining experience, you’ll be able to find exactly what you want when you visit the best steakhouses in Seattle.

1. The Grill From Ipanema

The Grill From Ipanema Reviews

This Brazilian Steakhouse is a pleasant surprise in the Belltown neighborhood. Unlike most of the other steakhouses that you’ll find in Seattle, you’ll find more than surf and turf on the menu. The charcoal grills of this steakhouse serve cuts of pork, lamb, and poultry in addition to their mouthwatering steaks.

You can’t beat the unlimited visits you can make to their cold table that come complimentary with your order. Cheese, salads, and cold cuts are combined with Brazilian specialties for a one-of-a-kind Seattle experience.


2. Morton’s

Morton’s Reviews

Located downtown just off of Pike, this is the steakhouse that you’ll want to visit if you want a guaranteed level of service and quality. Sure – it’s part of the Landry’s chain of restaurants that has 74 locations and counting around the world, but you still can’t beat the USDA Prime aged steaks that feature prominently on their menu.

Watch for some unique specials that will let you experience this Seattle steakhouse on a budget. For example: on February 29, 2016, a leap year special gives you 2 courses for $29 per guest.


3. Sullivan’s

Sullivan’s Reviews

You’re going to need a reservation to get into this popular steakhouse that is down by the convention center on Union Street. Lunch and bar menus are available in addition to the regular dinner menu that begins serving around 4:30pm.

You can also ask about their gluten-free menu if you have specific dietary needs. It’s one of the more expensive options available on this list – a 12 ounce NY Strip is listed at $39.50 – but it will also be one of the most memorable meals you ever have in Seattle. Add the 1 pound of King Crab legs for a decadent experience.


4. Manhattan

Manhattan Reviews

This is the only real steakhouse that you’ll find in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle. Nothing beats ordering a classic t-bone steak with seasonal vegetables, but there are some upgrades that you’ll want to consider with your meal.

The mac and cheese is ridiculously good, especially when paired with their garlic mashed potatoes. For a Seattle take on surf and turf, pair your steak with a lobster tail and their incredible Cajun cream sauce.



5. Daniel’s Broiler

Daniel’s Broiler Reviews

What we like about this steakhouse in Seattle is the sear that they put on your meat. They broil each steak at 1,800 degrees, so you’re guaranteed to have your preferred cut at a juiciness level that is difficult to obtain at home – or from other steakhouses, for that matter.

There are three locations for your convenience: Bellevue, Lake Union, and Lake Washington. Pair your porterhouse or top sirloin with a potato and you’re going to be in culinary heaven.



6. Palisade

Palisade Reviews

Located in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle, this is the steakhouse you’ll want to go to if you love the personality of the Emerald City. The views from the dining room aren’t so bad either. There’s also a raw bar available if you want to add some sushi to your favorite steak.

It’s also a great place to experience a local chowder. Don’t forget to stop by during Happy Hour to enjoy their trademark lavender cosmo.



7. The Metropolitan

The Metropolitan Reviews

Located in the historic Marion building in downtown Seattle, this is one of the few farm-to-table options that you’ll find in town. Many of the steaks on the menu come from the Double R Ranch which sits on 70,000 acres near Blaine, WA.

If you’re in the mood for a steak that you may have never tried before, you can order an Australian Wagyu steak here as well. With clean and simple plating and a dining room that is reminiscent of the early 20th century, you won’t want to miss a chance to try out this steakhouse at least once.


8. John Howie

John Howie Reviews

Reservations are highly recommended at this Seattle steakhouse, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a premium steak at a moment’s notice if you have a craving. With their steak to go program, you can purchase the same aged steaks that the restaurant serves, including their famous 42 day aged rib eye. Each standard cut is single-sourced from Nebraska and USDA Prime.

For their American Wagyu beef options, each cut comes from Idaho from livestock that comes from registered and guaranteed breeding stock. Tableside for 2 with a 40 ounce USDA Prime porterhouse will run you $112.

9. Joule

Joule Reviews

The international community has strong roots in Seattle, which makes a visit to this Korean steakhouse one of the things you must do at some point. Short-rib steaks paired with kimchi are in high demand here, but don’t forget about their beef of the day.

This restaurant is also one of the more affordable options that you have on this list: an 8 ounce Wagyu chuck filet with sweetbread and a Szechuan crust will set you back just a little more than $30. Visit the bar during “Power Hour” for the Chinese broccoli with walnut pesto for a special treat.


10. Canlis

Canlis Reviews

If you look at many of the best steakhouse in Seattle lists that are online, this is the option that is almost always ranked no. 1. It overlooks Lake Union, has been in business since 1950, and was one of the first restaurants in the United States to serve American Wagyu steaks to the public. Often described as “fine dining at its best,” the rustic fireplace, stone accents, and tasting menu will make you want to linger. Why we’ve placed this iconic restaurant lower on this list is that much of the menu is standardized to courses. If you purchase the set 7 course meal at $145, which has limited availability, there is no guarantee of accommodation for allergies or dietary restrictions. Otherwise get the steak tartare with a filet mignon and you’ll have one of the best meals of your life.

The best steakhouses in Seattle offer you a taste of the Pacific Northwest that you won’t want to miss. Or as we like to say it, you can have your steak and eat it too.