Best Restaurants in Seattle

Wanna know what Seattle tastes like? You are spoiled with choice! Looking for a traditional American diner, a fancy French cuisine restaurant, or maybe you want to explore the Mediterranean culinary delights right here, in the Pacific Northwest? You have many Seattle restaurants to choose from.

C’est Si Bon

Best French Restaurants in Seattle

The best French restaurants in Seattle will have you experiencing the best of the Pacific Northwest with the classic techniques or modern twists you prefer.

Pick one or enjoy them all during your time in the Emerald City and your culinary cravings will be satisfied.

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Pike Market Center

Pike Place Market Restaurants

Tucked into the corners of the market here and there, Pike Place market restaurants offer a number of unique and flavorful ways to enjoy the Seattle waterfront.

Practically, you can enjoy any style of cuisine in the famous market’s area. Added value – you can get a great view of Puget Sound at the same time: French cuisine, delicious Italian dishes, Latin American flavors, Asian culinary delights and traditional American food. There is even a vegetarian restaurant in the Pike Place Market area.

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where to eat in Pioneer Square

The Best Brunch Spots in Seattle

Seattle is one of the best places to explore a wide variety of culinary options. When you’re looking for a weekend brunch the morning after experiencing the vibrant nightlife of the city, then here are some of the best brunch spots that will satisfy your hunger.

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Pioneer Square

Where To Eat in Pioneer Square

The international flavors of Pioneer Square are definitely seen in the numerous restaurants, fine dining options, pubs, and small cafes that line the streets. Even a stroll during the morning will offer you a wide variety of smells that will make you hungry. Grab a cup of local coffee and enjoy one of these incredible dining options.

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Best Vegan Restaurants in Seattle

Asian inspired cuisine tends to be the go-to option for those following a vegan lifestyle in Seattle. The Japanese, Chinese, and Korean influences extend outward from the International District to provide a healthy variety of eating choices. Whether you’re looking for a great place to eat when visiting the Emerald City or want to discover your next favorite restaurant, here is the definitive guide to Seattle’s vegan restaurants for your consideration.

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grilled steak with thyme on wooden board

Best Steakhouses in Seattle

Given Seattle’s location right on Puget Sound, steak might not seem like the most popular dish in the area. However, yo will be surprised to realize the city is home to plenty of steakhouses and some of them count among the best restaurants in Seattle.

Whether you’re looking for something with live music and a laid-back atmosphere or you want a high end fine dining experience, you’ll be able to find exactly what you want when you visit the best steakhouses in Seattle.

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Sushi Kashiba

Best Shushi Bars in Seattle

Which is the best sushi spot in Seattle? The locals will most probably bounce back at you, asking: is this even a question? The best sushi place in Seattle is … From this point on, the answers will differ greatly. Why? Not only is Seattle home to loads of sushi restaurants, but not two of them are the same. The most difficult part is not finding where you grab some sushi here, but shortlisting the places and picking one.

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Best Coffee Shops in Seattle

The birthplace of modern coffee shop concept, Seattle is certainly the place to taste some of the best coffee in the world as the caffeinated beverage is liquid life for those who call the Emerald City home. From the historical Starbucks that operated out of Pike Place Market to the familiar espresso stands you find in almost street corner, there is always something new to try in the world of coffee in this city.

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Kells Irish Restaurant

Best Irish Pubs in Seattle

Whether you are looking for a taste of Guinness or just want to experience the famous Irish hospitality, there are countless great pubs to found in Seattle that are well worth your time. Mulleady’s is certainly one of the best when it comes to food, Own’N Thistle is very popular with the locals, while Molly Maguire’s is famous for its lively atmosphere.

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Seattle’s Best Cheap Eats

Seattle has a reputation for having some great places to eat on the cheap. Grab a few bucks and you’ll be ready to enjoy these amazing finds. For delicious Mexican street food, head to Tacos Chukis. Eight ounces of great chowder will cost you less than $7 at Pike Place Chowder, while Hot Mama’s Pizza is the place for one of the best pizzas you can taste in the whole US.

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