Best Coffee Shops in Seattle

When you think about Seattle, you think about coffee. This caffeinated beverage is liquid life for those who call the Emerald City home. From the very first Starbucks that operated out of Pike Place Market to the corner espresso stands that you can find almost everywhere, there is always something new to try in the world of coffee in this city. Here are the best coffee shops you will find in Seattle right now.

Caffe Ladro

Coffee Ladro Caffe Ladro Reviews

Coffee in Seattle is often more about how long you’ve been in business more than what you do. This little coffee shop just north of downtown is the exception to the rule.

With two decades of roasting experience, the profiles that you’ll find here are better than anything else you’ll be able to find in the city. You’re always going to find a friendly smile. Go there for a few days and they’ll even know what you plan to order.




Elm Coffee

Elm Coffee Reviews

You’ll have to take your coffee back home to brew it, but it is definitely worth the effort. Elm Coffee is located in Pioneer Square and has perfected the micro-roasting trend that is sweeping over Seattle.

Grab a bag of your preferred roast and you will definitely taste the difference. If you’re in town on a Sunday, stop by the shop at 2pm for free cuppings.





HerkimerHerkimer Reviews

This coffee shop has three convenient locations to serve you, but the shop in South Lake Union might just be the most authentic experience. There isn’t a whole lot of space, yet the staff behind the coffee bar never seem to keep people waiting.

Benches on the outside allow you to sip the hot brew under cover if it happens to be gray and rainy. Take some beans home that are roasted in one of the stores and you’ll have an amazing experience.





AnalogAnalog Reviews

You might be in Seattle, but this coffee shop definitely offers a small town feel. There are plenty of reading materials at your disposal. Order an espresso, sit back with the morning paper, and enjoy the vinyl records playing in the background. There is a full menu of coffee options and cold brew is on tap for you if you’re in a hurry.

As an added bonus, if you can’t make it to a Herkimer shop to try their coffee, then come here because that’s who the primary provider happens to be.




HerkimerYou’ve got to head out to the Mount Baker area of Seattle to enjoy this small little coffee shop, but it provides the essence of what a great experience should be. A few baked good, about a dozen seats, and a coffee menu with just the basics at fair prices makes the trip worthwhile.

If you’ve never been a fan of coffee shops before, stop out here and your mind will be changed. The hot chocolate is great and don’t miss out on trying the ginger chai.





Tin Umbrella

Tin UmbrellaTin Umbrella Reviews

This coffee shop has only been open in Hillman City for a couple of years, but it is quickly growing in stature. It’s location on Rainier Ave is perfect for heading out to see Seward Park,

Stop by in the morning to enjoy a breakfast taco on the weekend, have your preferred craft coffee, and then make time to explore the neighborhood. If you can get your hands on a marionberry muffin to go along with your preferred drink, then you’ll come close to experiencing perfection.





VictrolaVictrola Reviews

This coffee shop has fallen on hard times lately, but this coffee shop has always been able to craft some of the best coffee in Seattle. The experience here is always consistent. With a definite retro vibe, this shop is one of the few places where you’ll get to enjoy single origin coffee in Seattle as well.

Stop by on Tuesdays or Fridays to get freshly roasted single origin coffee blends. The Ethiopia Sidama Ardi offers notes of chocolate and strawberry and will change how you think about coffee in the Emerald City.




Analog Vif Reviews

The only thing better than having some coffee is having some wine if you’re in Seattle and this little shop gives you both. This dual concept store defies the odds by offering small plates of incredible breakfast items. Get the green lentils with pickled fennel, garlic toast, and 6 minute egg. If you need an afternoon pick-me-up, then get the grilled ham and gruyere sandwich. There’s also a soup of the day and the prices are quite nice for the service and quality of food you’ll receive.

The best coffee shops in Seattle all take a different look at what Starbucks created more than 4 decades ago. Coffee is supposed to be an experience in this city and this shops are just a few of the fine examples that are available. Stop by any of them and you are guaranteed to find something special.